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Retaining walls are becoming more and more popular these days. It is because they are ideal and serve a number of purposes, their installation is accessible and the cost varies from high to low depending on one’s choice of material. There is no rigid system behind it, enabling great room for negotiation and flexibility. What remains of importance though is a trusted contractor - well experienced, licensed and insured so as to leave no scope for loopholes. When this is taken care of, all else falls into place.


What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that is carefully designed and constructed to hold back an embankment of soil, especially from an adjacent lower area. It helps to withstand the lateral pressure of soil or soil material. This pressure could be due to earth filling, liquid pressure, sand or any other granular material. Retaining walls help control erosion and create flat areas for use. In addition to the purpose they serve, they also add to the beautification of the areas in which they are constructed.


Choose the best-suited retaining wall for yourself from the options given below:


      Gravity Retaining Wall

A gravity retaining wall can be constructed using different types of material like concrete, stone and masonry units. It depends on self-weight and thus can resist lateral earth pressure. Crib retaining walls, gabions and bin retaining ones are also offshoots of gravity retaining walls. For a height up to 3m, it is a rather economical option.


      Crib Retaining Wall

This is a gravity retaining wall made using interlocking individual boxes of timber or pre-cast concrete. These boxes are then filled with crushed stone or other coarse granular material to create a draining structure. Crib retaining walls are best suited to support planter areas, but not for support of slopes or structures.


       Gabion Retaining Wall

Used to stabilize steep slopes, gabion retaining walls are multi-celled rectangular wire mesh boxes, filled with rocks or other appropriate materials. They are employed for the construction of erosion control structures.


      Cantilever Retaining Wall

Cantilever Retaining walls are constructed from reinforced concrete, precast concrete or restressed concrete. They are also composed of a stem and base slab. These are the most commonly used ones. They are economical to a height of 10m.


      Anchored Retaining Wall

Anchored walls are used in spaces that are limited or where a thin retaining wall can solve the purpose. Suitable for loose soil over rocks, in this, deep cable rods or wires are driven deep sideways into the earth, followed by ends that are filled with concrete to provide an anchor.


      Piled Retaining Wall

Piled retaining walls are constructed by placing concrete piles adjacent to one another. They work in both temporary and permanent settlements and are economical to a height of 6m. They are put at a depth that is sufficient to counter any force that pushes over the wall.


      Mechanically Stabilized Wall

This is one of the most economical and commonly constructed retaining walls. Mechanically stabilized walls are constructed using granular fills and held together by reinforced concrete, metallic strips or plastic meshes.


Retaining walls are definitely a great asset and a one-time investment.  However, what is to be taken care of is that whether it is a block retaining wall or a wood one, a natural stone one or one made of concrete, it holds no relevance if a compromise is made on the material used or the craftsmanship employed.


If you rely on Century Foundation Repair company for the construction and maintenance of retaining walls, you will face no challenge whatsoever. Residents of Magnolia, Texas are in safe hands because we have a dedicated team of professionals that leaves no stone unturned to provide value for our customers’ money. Ask us for testimonials and more information regarding the same. Once you tie up with us, we assure you that you will come back asking for more. 


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