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Our experience of being the best foundation repair contractor in Magnolia, TX for decades tells us that most contractors do not pay the desired attention to the foundation of buildings. They cut corners along the most important area, literally, the base of everything that is to be built on top. Initially one stays mesmerized by the aesthetically pleasing outdoors, well-done-up interiors, modern patios and fences. However, sooner than later problems start arising. We hope you are part of the few who do not face such issues. But, in case you are, we are here to your rescue.

Whether it is cracks or structural issues, leaks or retaining wall services, we can do it all. On the face of it, foundation repair may seem heavy on the pocket, but this is not the case. The good news is that it is easy to clean the spilt milk here. Foundation repairs are accessible and less expensive than you might imagine. To know the ins and outs of how foundation repair works, look into the guide given below.

Reasons for Foundation Repair

● Water Damage

Water and drainage are the biggest culprits. It is a fact that stagnant water can rot anything. If it seems into the ground, it becomes worse, leading to freezing inside cracks. If this does not happen, it can simply cause mold or mildew growth.

● Shifting Soils

We often tend to ignore this facet but a change in temperature leads to a difference in moisture content, which in turn makes soil expand or contract. In hot and dry times of the year, soil moisture contracts and pulls away from the foundation while the opposite happens during damp weather. This is how shifting soils can cause trouble over many years and not just a few months.

● Soil Erosion

Climate change and global warming definitely have repercussions. But who would’ve thought they’d come this close to home? Soil erosion leads to improper drainage, which causes holes underneath, an extremely dangerous condition.

● Sinkhole Formation

Sinkhole formations are easy to recognize before they lead to major damages. If you see tilting poles, trees and other vertical structures or realize that doors and windows aren’t shutting properly, it may be a cause for concern.

● Improper Construction

Negligence during construction or usage of poor-quality material will come back and haunt you later on. While clients may have no knowledge of it, the builders are usually to be blamed.

Types of Foundation Repair

The above-mentioned reasons make one think of how important it is to have a reliable foundation repair company. For both, residential and commercial constructions, technicians are very important in understanding, formulating and executing an appropriate plan related to the following offshoots:

  • General foundation repair
  • Brick foundation repair
  • Crawl space/pier and beam foundation repair
  • Retaining wall repair
  • Slab foundation repair
  • Slab foundation repair
  • under-pinning/ foundation stabilization
  • Pier and beam foundation
  • Slope stabilization
  • Concrete slab-on-grade foundation
  • Drilled disposal wells
  • Concrete leveling and mud jacking

Thus, encountering problems in foundations is not a rare occurrence. However, finding a top-notch, reliable and affordable foundation repair company can become one. To not make the mistake of judging incorrectly, leave all your worries to Century Foundation Repair Company. Over the years, there is no issue that we haven’t solved. Our huge family in and around Magnolia, Texas stands testament to our claims. To know more about how we function, take a look at our website or give us a call today.


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